HCL OneTest API and software configuration management tools

You can set up the integration with various Software Configuration Management (SCM) applications and share HCL OneTest™ API projects with the teams. You need to install the plug-ins to enable the synchronization of projects with the software configuration management systems.
Note: Starting in 9.5, source code support for Git is integrated into the HCL OneTest API workbench. For more information, see HCL OneTest API and Git. With this change, the HCL OneTest API Tools application also known as the source control application is deprecated.

Software configuration management is a reliable way to share projects among multiple users without having to manually provide version control and rollback capabilities. Support for different software configuration management systems is provided by the installation of Eclipse team provider plug-ins.

HCL OneTest API supports Eclipse-based team providers that can be used as Software Configuration Management (SCM) applications. Some of the common team providers that you can set up and use with HCL OneTest API are as follows:

You must download and install the plug-ins for enabling the integration with HCL OneTest API. For instructions on how to install new software on the Eclipse platform, see the Eclipse platform Workbench User Guide.

The project resources are locally saved in the HCL OneTest API Tools workspace. For example, the default workspace location in Windows is Windows_user_directory\.integrationtester\eclipse\GHTools\workspace. To find the location of the resource in the local workspace, right-click the project in the Navigator view, and click Properties.