Editing data models

You can edit a data model when you want to modify or delete its components.

About this task

You can edit a data model with Ecore editor in any of the following ways:
  • Renaming an entity, attribute, or reference.
  • Moving an attribute between entities. An attribute can be moved from one entity to another.
  • Moving a reference between entities.
  • Modifying the type and cardinality of a reference.
  • Merging two attributes of an entity.
  • Deleting an entity, attribute, or reference. If you delete an entity, any stored instance data for that entity is also deleted. If you delete an attribute or a reference, all data for that attribute or reference is deleted from instances of the entity that contains that attribute or reference.


  1. Open HCL OneTest™ API’s Architecture School perspective.
  2. Click the Data Models tab.
  3. On the upper left of the Data Models window, click the data model that you want to edit.
  4. Click Edit Data Model. The HCL OneTest API Tools application is opened.
  5. To verify any changes that you have made to a data model, view the Data Models window on the Architecture School perspective after saving the changes in the Ecore editor.