Creating an ISO 8583 schema

You can create an ISO 8583 schema from source files included with HCL OneTest™ API.

Before you begin

You must copy an XSD file containing ISO 8583 schema information into the project. If you do not have a Schema folder for the project, you can create one and place the file there. You can use one of the sample files provided by HCL OneTest API from the following location:


  1. In the Schema Library view of the Architecture School perspective, click the ISO 8583 icon ().
  2. In the New ISO 8583 dialog box, Current Location field, click Change.
  3. In the Select Location dialog box, enter a full path to the file that contains ISO 8583 schema information, or click Browse, browse to the file, and click Open. Click OK when the correct path is displayed.
    The dialog box shows the XSD source file
  4. Click one of the following buttons:

    To add the new ISO 8583 schema without changes.


    To open the new schema in the DFDL editor. See Editing an ISO 8583 schema with the DFDL editor.