Creating a test data source

You create a test data source that you can then use to validate the results that are returned by different test actions.


  1. Select the operation in which you want to create the data source.
  2. Select the data source type from the toolbar, or right-click the operation and select New > Test Data > [data source type] from the menu.
    Note: If at least one data source is already created, you can right-click the Test Data folder or one of the existing data sources and select New > [data source type].
  3. Create a name for the new data source when prompted, then click OK.

    The new data source is opened in the editing panel to the right.

  4. Configure the data source as wanted (see the following topics for details about each type).
  5. When finished configuring the data source, click File > Save Resource or click the Save icon in the main HCL OneTest™ API toolbar.