Deleting all test results by using the command line

You can delete all test results and project data in the results database that you no longer need by using the HCL OneTest™ API command line. This command does not delete the associated Unified Reporting report if one was created.
The syntax to use is as follows:
IntegrationTesterCmd Options delete-all-results
Here is an example:
IntegrationTesterCmd --databaseURL jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/resultdb
            --dbuser jkelly --password hayling delete-all-results

The following table lists the options that you can use with the IntegrationTesterCmd command for deleting all test results.

Table 1. List of available options
Options Description
--databaseUrl/-b Results database URL. For more information on the specification of database URLs when using IP literal addresses, see IP literal address.
--dbuser/-g Results database user name
--password/-h Results database password