The Physical View

The Physical View displays available physical resources and their location within the enterprise. Resources in this view are organized by subnet and host. If a resource is not associated with a subnet or host, it is displayed under Unconnected Resources.

Use the General menu on the toolbar to add resources, such as agents, hosts, and databases to the Physical View.

The main toolbar for the Logical view

Physical resources represent testable items in your system. These items are accessible only when bound to a logical resource, by using the environment that is in use by a test.

A logical resource can be bound to only one physical resource at a time. Therefore, for use in different environments, you can create multiple versions of a physical resource.

Each transport displayed on the other toolbar menus can be applied to messaging actions in HCL OneTest™ API.

The following table lists the resources and transports available in the Physical View toolbar and topics that provide information about them:
Table 1. Physical View toolbar menus
Menu Menu option Topic



Adding a cluster to the Physical view


Adding a database to the Physical view

FIX Connection

Configuring the FIX transport


Adding a host to the Physical view


Adding an identity to the Physical view

Identity Store

Adding an identity store to the Physical view


Creating physical JVM resources

LTPA Provider

Adding an LTPA provider to the Physical view

MQTT Broker

Creating physical MQ telemetry transport brokers


Adding a subnet to the Physical view

TCP Server

Creating physical TCP servers

TCP/UDP Server
Note: In HCL OneTest API 8.6.0 or later, this menu option is deprecated. It is displayed only if you open a project containing TCP/UDP transports created in a version earlier than 8.6.0.

For information about this menu option in earlier releases of HCL OneTest API, refer to IBM® Knowledge Center.

UDP Server

Creating physical UDP servers


Email Server

Creating email transports


IBM API Management Developer Portal or IBM API Connect™ Developer Portal

Creating a physical connection to an API Developer Portal instance

IBM CICS® Server

Defining CICS resources in HCL OneTest API

IBM IMS™ Connect

Creating the IMS Connect transport

IBM Integration Bus Integration Node

Testing with IBM Integration Bus

IBM WebSphere Application Server

Creating physical WebSphere Application Server transports

IBM WebSphere MQ

Working with WebSphere transports

IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Creating a physical WebSphere Service Registry and Repository server transport

IBM WebSphere SI Bus

Service Integration Bus (SIBus) transports


IBM z/OS® Connect Profile

Testing with IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition


JMS Brokers

Creating a Java Message Service (JMS) broker


Creating the EMS transport


SOA Server

Creating a physical Oracle SOA Server resource


SAP Application Server

Creating physical SAP application server transports

Software AG

CentraSite Server

Defining the CentraSite server

webMethods Broker

Creating the webMethods Broker transport

webMethods Integration Server

Creating the webMethods Broker transport


TIBCO BusinessWorks TRA File

Testing TIBCO applications


Creating the EMS transport

TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker

Creating SmartSockets transports


Web Server

Creating HTTP transports

Create from observed resources

Create from observed resources by using the Topology view.

Starting the topology discovery process

Expand selection

Expand a selected entry in a tree view of physical resources.

Collapse selection

Collapse a selected entry in a tree view of physical resources.