Editing the profile of a record layout

You can edit an existing profile (including its copies) in the profile editor.

When you are creating a profile or editing an existing profile (including its copies), the profile editor is displayed.

The profile editor manages the rules that are applied to the spreadsheet when you are creating the layout. Next to the Example File field, click Browse to select the specification spreadsheet, which is used in the rule editor to show how expressions match the content. Rules are applied to the spreadsheet in the order in which they are displayed.

Rules are managed by using the toolbar icons at the top of the rules table, as follows:

Icon Use
Move up the selected rule within the list.
Move the selected rule down within the list.
Create a rule below the currently selected rule (see Edit rules for record layouts).
Edit the selected rule (see Edit rules for record layouts). You can also double-click a rule in the list to open it for editing.
Delete the selected rule.
Copy the selected rule and paste it below the current location.