Installing the software in console mode

If the software is enabled for console mode installation, you can opt for this method of installation. In console mode, you select installation options on the command line.

Before you begin

To install a package in console mode, you must download and extract the installation packages, and provide the location of the repository that contains the extracted files. To add the repository in console mode:
  1. Start Installation Manager in console mode.
  2. Enter P: Preferences.
  3. Enter 1: Repositories.
  4. Enter D: Add repository.
  5. Enter the repository location, for example, C:\temp_install\HQS_SETUP\repository.config. If you specify a repository that requires credentials, you are prompted to provide the required credentials.

About this task

You can install the following software in console mode:
  • HCL OneTest™ API
  • HCL Quality Server
In console mode installation, the graphical installation wizard is replaced by options displayed in the command line interface. The options are presented as a numbered list or as shortcut keys. Review the options and enter a number or a shortcut key to select an option and to navigate to the next option. For more information about console mode installation, see Working in console mode.
Important: When you install or upgrade HCL Quality Server in console mode, you cannot choose Active Directory or Local Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for the security model. These options are available in the GUI version of the Installation Manager only. For information about how to configure Active Directory or LDAP after installing HCL Quality Server (in GUI mode or in console mode), see Configuring the security settings after installation by updating the security.config file.


  1. Start Installation Manager in console mode by using the imcl command on the command line. From the command line, go to the Installation Manager tools directory:
    1. From the command line, go to the Installation Manager tools directory:
      • On Windows systems: C:\Program Files [(x86)]\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\tool
      • On Linux systems: /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools
    2. Run the following command to start Installation Manager in console mode:
      • On Windows systems: imcl.exe -c
      • On Linux systems: ./imcl -c
  2. Enter 1: Install - Install software packages.
  3. Enter the number for the package install.
  4. Enter the option for the version to install. You can select multiple packages for installation in the same instance. After you select the packages and versions for installation, proceed to the next step.
  5. Review and accept the license agreements for the packages to install. Enter A to read the license agreement. Enter 1 to accept the license agreement.
  6. Continue to enter information for each of the installation options. For information about the installation process and the input you must provide, see Installing HCL OneTest API.
  7. After you enter all the installation options, enter I: Install to start the installation.
  8. After the installation is complete, enter F: Finish.