Viewing reports published to HCL OneTest Server

You can view the reports for the tests that you ran in HCL OneTest™ API and published to HCL OneTest Server from HCL OneTest API. You can also view the details of test results from the Results page on HCL OneTest Server.


  1. Log in to HCL OneTest Server.
  2. Navigate to the project to which you published the test suite reports.
  3. Navigate to the Results page.

    The test suite result named as ReportingTestSuite is found under the Test column if you have not renamed the result before publishing.

  4. Expand the results panel for the ReportingTestSuite test suite result.
  5. Click Functional Report under the Reports section.

    The report is displayed in a new browser window.


You can view the detailed summary of the published test report.