Unlocking an environment

You can unlock an environment in HCL Quality Server.


  1. Log into HCL Quality Server.
    Note: If you are not an administrator user, you must use the user name that you used to lock the environment.

    The application window is displayed.

  2. Click the Environments icon or navigation link.

    The Environments Dashboard is displayed.

  3. You can change the domain and environment you want to view by clicking the domain/environment link, and from the domain/environment selection dialog displayed, select the domain, and then select the environment.

    The Environments Dashboard is displayed for the selected environment and domain.

  4. If you are not the user who locked the environment, you can request for unlocking the environment or wait until the locked time to pass. The expected end time is shown in the message when you place the cursor over the Lock icon or in the Unlock Environment window.
  5. Click the Lock icon (image of the icon).
  6. In the Unlock Environment window, enter your reason for unlocking in the Reason for environment Unlock field and then, click REQUEST UNLOCK.
    • If you are the user who locked the environment, the Unlock Request? dialog is displayed and you can either REJECT or APPROVE the unlock request.
    • If you are the user requesting the unlocking of the environment, the unlock request is sent to the user who locked the environment and that user can either REJECT or APPROVE the request.


Request for unlocking the selected environment in the selected domain is sent to the user who locked the environment. The unlocked environment is displayed with the unlocked icon (image of the icon).

Note: All environment locking and unlocking events, including reasons, are recorded in the HCL Quality Server Audit log. (For information about this log, refer to Administering HCL Quality Server.)