Running HCL OneTest API Agent on Microsoft Windows

On computers running Microsoft Windows, the agent is typically installed and run as a Windows service.


  1. To verify that the agent service is installed, open the Services applet in Control Panel by clicking Start > (All) Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. The Windows service name is HCL OneTest™ API Agent.
  2. To install or remove the Windows service manually, use IBM® Installation Manager.
  3. To start or stop the Windows service, you have three options:
    1. Click Start > HCL OneTest > Start Agent or Start > HCL OneTest > Stop Agent.
    2. Using the Services applet in Control Panel, right-click HCL OneTest API Agent and click Start or Stop on the pop-up menu.
    3. Using a command prompt with administrative privileges, use the following net commands to start or stop the agent service:
      • net start OneTestAPIAgent
      • net stop OneTestAPIAgent
    Note: For some locales, if you run the agent in the command window and observe that the message text is not correctly displayed, use the chcp command. For example: run the chcp 1251 command to view the messages in Russian language. For more information on the codes, see