Locking an environment in HCL Quality Server

When you lock an environment, you can continue to use the environment but other users cannot make any changes to it.


  1. Log into HCL Quality Server.
  2. In the application window of HCL Quality Server, click the Environments icon or navigation link.

    The Environments Dashboard is displayed.

  3. You can change the domain and environment you want to view by clicking the domain/environment link, and from the domain/environment selection dialog displayed, select the domain, and then select the environment.
    The Environments Dashboard is displayed for the selected environment and domain.
    Note: If you are using or later and domain-level security is enabled, you can use only the domains to which you were granted access.
  4. On the Environments Dashboard, click the Lock icon (image of the icon).

    The Lock Environment dialog box is displayed. The Domain and Environment fields display the names of the currently selected domain and environment.

  5. Specify the duration length and interval. You must enter the number in the Duration Length field or choose the number by using the scroll button (image of the icon).
  6. Using the list next to the Duration Interval field, specify whether the duration is measured in minutes, hours, or days.
  7. In the Reason for Lock field, enter a reason for locking the environment. This reason is displayed to all users who view the Environments dashboard and it is logged in the HCL Quality Server Audit log. For information about this log, see Administering HCL Quality Server.
  8. Click LOCK.


A closed lock (image of the icon) is displayed against the environment to indicate that the environment is now locked.

If you are the user who locked the environment, you can continue to use the environment as usual but other users are prevented from making any changes to it.

If the security functionality of HCL Quality Server is disabled, user names are not displayed when displaying information about a locked environment.

You can view which of the environments under a domain are locked from the domain/environment selection dialog. Locked environments are displayed with a lock icon (image of the icon) next to them.