Adding tables

You can add tables to a database stub using the Add wizard.


  1. Using the Add wizard, click Table, then click Next. The second screen of the wizard enables you to select the table in the live database that you want to add to the currently selected database stub. Alternatively, open the Add wizard from the Editing Options toolbar on the Tables tab and enter the SQL query that you want to use.
  2. After selecting the live database table that you want to add, click Next.
    Note: When adding a table to a database stub, synonyms are not displayed for selection in the Add Table window. However, you can add a query in the Add Query window and then use that query to learn from the database, which will import the synonym (if it exists) into the database stub.
    Note: If you are using HCL OneTest™ API 8.5.1 or later, you can add a new table to a database stub when the real database is unavailable or when there is no connection to the real database by entering the name of the required table in the Table name list and clicking Next.
    Note: If you select the Copy rows from the live database check box before clicking Next, the data as well as columns from the selected live database table will be added to the currently selected stub. Otherwise, only the column definitions of the table are added to the stub.
  3. Click Finish to close the Add wizard.