Sift-and-pass-through capability

You can filter the messages that a stub receives, separating traffic from client and server applications that need to use the live system as opposed to a virtual system.
In HCL OneTest™ API:
  • Traffic from HTTP, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, CICS® , IMS™, Java™ , MQ telemetry or WebMethods Integration Server transports can be routed to a stub by examining data in the traffic on an exact matching basis.
  • Logic can be added to a stub to enable it to determine whether it should respond to a received request (sifting) or, when possible, send the traffic for onward processing to the real system (pass-through).
    Note: Currently, this sift-and-pass-through capability cannot be used with other transports supported by HCL OneTest API.
  • Any HTTP header filters associated with the operation are applied before messages are passed to the sift-and-pass-through capability. For more information, see Filtering header values.
    Note: When using a stub in sift-and-pass-through mode, only the new messages are processed. Existing messages on the queue are not processed.
Consider the scenarios illustrated in the following diagram.
Stubs sift and pass-through scenario

The following topics describe how to use the sift-and-pass-through capability.