Viewing recording or routing rules

Depending on the version of HCL Quality Server that you are using, you have different options for viewing agents that are currently running.

About this task

The Network Dashboard of HCL Quality Server lists agents and proxies registered with it. You can view the agents and the routing or recording rules if the security settings were enabled for you to view them.

You can view the routing or recording rules configured for an agent or proxy by completing the following tasks:


  1. In the landing page of HCL Quality Server, click the Network icon or navigation link.
    The Network Dashboard is displayed with the following information about the agents or proxies:


    Lists the agent or proxy


    Lists the name of the domain


    Lists the name of the environment in the domain


    Lists a summary view of the endpoint that is being recorded or virtualized


    Lists the destination that captured messages are being sent to

  2. Expand the agent or proxy card by clicking on the expand card icon (image of the icon). Click each tab to display the following information:
    Tab Description


    This section provides the following information:


    Lists the condition that when matched will cause traffic to be recorded or routed to a virtual service.

    Created By

    Lists the user who created the rule.

    Created At

    Lists the date and time of creation of the rule.

    Created From

    Lists the system name from which the rule originated.

    Recording To

    Lists the locations to which recorded events are sent.

    Routing To

    Lists the stub or agent to which traffic is routed to.


    Lists the log of the activities performed by the agent or proxy. Displays details of the activity, date and time, and user (where available) who initiated the activity.