Changing your login password and default domain

If the built-in security model of HCL Quality Server is being used, you can change your HCL Quality Server login password at any time irrespective of your HCL Quality Server user privileges.

About this task

The capability to change your default domain is available only in HCL Quality Server or later and is relevant only if you are assigned to two or more domains.


  1. Log into HCL Quality Server.
  2. Click the Administration navigation link.

    Alternatively, click the Administration icon on the Home page.

    The Administration page is displayed.

  3. Click the User profile tab.

    Verify that the user name as which you have logged is displayed in the User Profile area.

  4. To change your default domain, click the required domain in the Domain list.
  5. To automatically update the contents of the pages, select the Periodically update contents of pages option.
    Note: If this option is disabled, the Agents, Administration logs, Scheduling and Environments pages are not refreshed with the latest updates. You must press F5 to refresh the page.
  6. To change your login password, complete the following tasks:
    1. In the Password and Re-enter password fields, enter and re-enter a new password.
      Note: A password must be unique but it can contain spaces and there is no limit on the number of characters that can be used.
    2. Click Change Password.
      Note: The Change Password button becomes unavailable if the passwords entered in the Password and Re-enter password fields are different.


Your password is changed. A status message is displayed to confirm this.