Testing with CICS

HCL OneTest™ API supports the recording and virtualization of CICS® programs running on z/OS® that are called by CICS Distributed Program Link (DPL). The CICS transport supports interacting with such calls in CICS Transaction Server (EXEC CICS LINK calls and ECIRequest calls using IPIC) and CICS Transaction Gateway (ECIRequest calls). CICS programs can be called in a test via a CICS Transaction Gateway.

About this task

The following conditions apply to testing and virtualizing CICS:
  • Recording of channel-based calls requires HCL OneTest API and HCL Quality Server Version 9.1.1 or newer, and CICS Transaction Gateway Version 9.1 or newer.
  • CICS Transaction Gateway is required to send a request to, or to receive a reply from, a CICS program in a test that is using the CICS transport. Web-enabled CICS programs or web services can be called by using the HTTP transport and do not require a gateway.