Installing the CLIP agent front-end

To use HCL OneTest™ API to record and virtualize CICS® COBOL/PL/I DB2® programs on z/OS®, install the CLIP agent front-end. The installation procedure outlined in this topic applies to both Windows and Linux platforms.

Before you begin

Download the tools components named HCL OneTest API Agent for Db2 on z/OS and extract the contents to a temporary folder. For more information, see Installing and configuring the Compiled Language Interception Processor (CLIP).


  1. Download an Eclipse Classic 4.2.2 driver from
  2. Extract the Eclipse Classic driver on the workstation.
  3. Obtain a Java™ 7 JRE (1.7.1 or higher) and configure the Eclipse instance to use it:
  4. Copy the contents of the CLIP\eclipse directory from the temporary folder into the dropins folder of the Eclipse Classic installation.
  5. Copy clip.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux) from the CLIP directory into the root of the Eclipse Classic installation so that they are co-located with the eclipse executable.

Configuring CLIP to use SSL or TLS encryption

Further configuration is required to use CLIP when the JDBC connection to Db2 on z/OS is using SSL or TLS encryption.

The CLIP agent front-end communicates to the CLIP agent back-end (probe) by using TCPIP. To use AT-TLS to encrypt that connection, see Setting up AT-TLS.

About this task

The CLIP agent front-end also connects to Db2 by using JDBC. In order to encrypt that connection, you must do the following steps:


  1. After you install the CLIP agent front-end, you must replace the supplied Db2 JDBC driver with a version of the driver at version 10.5 feature pack 8 or higher. You can download a newer version of the Db2 JDBC driver: DB2 JDBC Driver Versions and Downloads.
  2. After downloading and extracting the compressed files, copy the new db2jc.jar and db2jcc4.jar files into the same eclipse/dropins/plugins folder where CLIP was installed.
  3. Create a text file containing the following property:
  4. Edit clip.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux), adding the following JVM parameters, which must immediately follow this text -vmargs -Djdbc.drivers=com.greenhat.jdbc.Driver
  5. On the SSL tab within the transport definition, specify the name of the identity store containing the required certificates to establish trust of the Db2 server's certificates.