Editing the JCL file for local customization

You can edit the JCL file for local customization in RIT.PROC.

About this task

Edit the RITRUN member in the userid.RIT.PROC dataset. If your queue manager is part of a queue sharing group, and if you want to use HCL OneTest API with shared queues, create a separate copy of the RITRUN JCL for each queue manager in the group.


  1. Change ++QMGR++ to the queue manager name.
  2. Change ++INSTLIB++ the library name that contains the RIT.AUTH code.
  3. Change ++HLQ++ to the HLQ names for SCSQAUTH, and SCSQANLE MQ libraries
  4. Specify the QM and TRACE parameter values for the RITSTART program .
    • QM(value)

      Where the value is a 1 to 4 character queue manager name. This parameter is required.

    • TRACE(n)

      Where n is between 0 and 9. The value of 0 means that no trace is displayed, for example PARM='QM(&QM.) TRACE(0)'.

  5. Change ++SYSMDUMP++ to the name of a data set, for example, userid.SYSMDUMP. If you are running HCL OneTest API with queue managers in a queue sharing group, you will need a unique SYSMDUMP dataset for each queue manager.