Recording and virtualizing DPL calls in CICS Transaction Server

You can record and virtualize CICS® Distributed Program Link (DPL) calls with CICS® Transaction Server versions 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, and 5.2. To do so, install and configure HCL OneTest™ API CICS TS Agent in the CICS regions that are making the DPL requests.

About this task

These are the system elements that are required to record and virtualize DPL calls:
  • HCL Quality Server, which coordinates communications between HCL OneTest API, its Agent, and the RITAGENT batch service. Each component must register with it.
    • The RITAGENT batch service, which registers through the RTCPURL program parameter in the RITAGENT JCL.
    • HCL OneTest API, which registers through the server settings user interface.
  • HCL OneTest API, which registers its address through the CICS Stub Server Bind Address and CICS Stub Server Port settings of the Library manager.
  • HCL OneTest API CICS TS Agent which must be installed and configured on the same z/OS® computer as the CICS region under test. The agent consists of two parts:
    1. The CICS exit, RITEXITC, which monitors CICS DPL calls.
    2. The RITAGENT batch service, a job that is based on the RITAGENT template JCL. The service sets up local internal communications to the CICS exit through the BINDADDR and PORT program parameters in the RITAGENT JCL.
      Note: If the RITAGENT batch service and RITEXITC are running on the same computer, set BINDADDR to
If you use HCL OneTest API Agent to virtualize the CICS DPL calls, you must register it to HCL Quality Server, by using the Agent.config file. The agent registers its address through the CICS Stub Server Bind Address and CICS Stub Server Port settings of the Agent Library Manager.
For information about software requirements, see Testing applications on z/OS.

Using channels and containers

In HCL OneTest API version 9.0.1, you can transfer data between programs through channels and containers. You can record and stub DPL requests by using channel and containers.
Important: When you name the channels and containers, ensure that you do not use RITCHANNEL and HRVUSEDCONTAINER.