Filtering programs and transactions while recording

Use filter expressions to specify which of the programs and transactions in the entire list in a CICS® transport must be recorded.

About this task

When you are recording an entire CICS® transport instead of an individual operation, by default, all CICS programs that are defined in the region are recorded. This set of programs can be large. To restrict the set of programs or transactions that are recorded, you can configure one or more filter expressions on the IBM® CICS Region logical resource. Expressions are used to explicitly include transactions or programs from recording. The simple value * indicates all programs or transactions.
Note: Internal CICS programs that are not related to application code are always excluded.
Note: Negative filters (filters that are prefixed with a -) are not supported from HCL OneTest™ API 8.7.1 and later versions.


  1. In the Logical View of Architecture School, open the IBM CICS Region resource by double-clicking it.
  2. On the Recording tab, under Filter, type one or more filter expressions. The following rules apply to filter expressions:
    1. Each expression must be on a new line. An expression is used to match one or more program names, or transaction IDs. For example, Program=ABCD matches a program that is named ABCD.
    2. Expressions can contain the wildcard character (*) at the beginning or end. For example, ABC* matches all programs whose name starts with ABC.
    3. Expressions that are lower in the list take precedence over expressions above them.

    The following are examples of filtering transaction IDs and program names.

    Example filter 1: Recording only the programs whose name starts with TEST, started by any transaction:


    Example filter 2: Recording all programs started by transaction RITL:


    Example filter 3: Recording all programs whose name begins with TEST, started by transactions whose transaction ID starts with RIT: