Configuring HCL OneTest API for recording and virtualizing IPIC traffic

You can configure HCL OneTest™ API to record and virtualize CICS® IPIC traffic by modifying the registration.xml file of the HTTP/TCP proxy, which is a component of HCL Quality Server.

About this task

You must set up port forwarding in the HTTP/TCP proxy’s registration.xml file to forward CICS IPIC traffic into the proxy, and then to the actual CICS region that has the TCP/IP services that are activated.


  1. Locate the HTTP/TCP proxy’s registration.xml file in the httptcp folder in the HCL Quality Server installation directory, and then edit it
  2. Add a forward bind line in the registration.xml file as shown:
       <forward bind="" destination="" type="ipic"/>
    Note: When using SSL based IPIC communications, the type must be specified as ipics.