CLIP command line options

You can control the behavior of the CLIP agent front-end by specifying the options for ports and key stores.
Run the command in the following syntax:
clip.bat [-port=port list] [-startdaemon] [-stopdaemon=port] [-secure] [-keystore=file] [-keystorepassword=password] 
[-acceptcerts] [-suppresscadpmgmt] [-overridehostname=hostname] [-help]
Table 1. List of available options
Option Description

The port number, port list (port,port) or port range(port-port) used by the CLIP daemon.


Start in daemon mode and wait for connections.

stopdaemon Stop the daemon that is listening on the port.
secure Start the daemon listening in secure mode.

Start the daemon in secure mode, using the specified JKS keystore file.

keystorepassword Start the daemon in secure mode, using the specified password to the JKS keystore file.
acceptcerts Accept self-signed certificates from CADP web interface servers.
suppresscadpmgmt Suppress the automatic management of CICS CADP profiles.
overridehostname Override the hostname of the agent that will be used in CICS CADP profiles that are automatically managed by this agent.

Display help information.