Troubleshooting: Messages

You can use a workaround to a problem that you might encounter when you work with message fields.
Table 1. Troubleshooting messages
Problem Resolution
In a HCL OneTest™ API message, the Open Field Value on a ByteArray field shows incorrect data. If you are using a character set such as EDCDIC, the text shows different characters than expected. Review the content of the file that you are using to load into the message field. The content must be pure binary data and not an ASCII representation of the data because HCL OneTest API displays binary data as pairs of ASCII hex data.

Use the Save Field Value option in a binary field to save the binary content to file. If your file contains ASCII representation of hex data, copy the data to insert it into a binary message field. If you copy from a binary field to create the file, use copy to read it in again.