Timed sections

When tests are run within a test the overall execution times (that is, start to finish) are recorded.

About this task

In addition to this overall time, it is possible to measure individual sections within the steps of the HCL OneTest™ API test. This can be done by adding markers (that is, the begin time section and end time section actions) to the test steps to create a timed section.

You can add multiple timed sections to a test, the sections can overlap, and the sections can be nested.

  • Timing markers are only allowed within the Test Steps section of the test, and more than one timed section is allowed within a single test.
  • Timed sections are ignored in background tests.
  • Timed sections have no effect when the test is executed outside of the test.

The following topics describe which test actions support timed sections and how to configure Begin Timed Section and End Timed Section actions.