Configuring begin timed section actions

The Begin Timed Section action marks the start of an individually timed section within the test.

About this task

To configure begin timed section actions:


  1. You can assign a name to the test action to help identify it or to identify the series of steps that it spans. The name of the action will appear in the charting configuration tree, so you should choose a name that is meaningful.
  2. The action will store a pass or fail status based on the status of the test that contains it, which allows you to plot charts based on the outcome of the test iterations. You can store the status of the overall test iteration (end of this iteration) or the current status when the timed section ends (corresponding end timed section action).

    Note: The status can be different for each of these selections (for example, the test could be passing when the timed section ends, but later actions in the test could cause it to fail).