Applying the SWIFT schema to a message

To obtain a SWIFT formatted message to use in testing, apply the SWIFT schema to a blank text message.


  1. In the Test Factory perspective, right-click a project or operation, and then click New > Messages > Message. The blank message opens.
  2. Set the Formatter field to Text.
    The Formatter field is set to Text
  3. Right-click the text (String) field in the message and then click Schema.
  4. In the Schema Selector window, Schema Type field, select Business & Finance > SWIFT.
    Roots are displayed in alphabetical order on the left, and the message structure is displayed on the right.
  5. Select a root from the displayed list. To select a root by number rather than name, ensure that you have highlighted one of the displayed roots, then press Ctrl-F. A search field is displayed. Type the number (or other identifier) for the root, and click the arrow icons to move among the matches.
  6. In the Content Options section, select or clear the following options as needed:
    Retain existing content
    Select this option to apply a schema or expand a field without losing the original data. If the attempt to use the original data fails, the data is displayed with red Xs. If you clear this option, data is cleared before the new schema is applied. In cases where the data is assumed to be retained, this option is not displayed.
    Include Text nodes
    Select this option to generate Text nodes with the message.
    Include optional nodes
    If the schema includes optional fields, select this option to add them to the message.
    Before HCL OneTest™ API version 8.7, additional options were displayed when you applied a schema to a message:
    • Accept fields in any order
    • Ignore missing fields in received message
    • Ignore additional fields in received message
    • Enable validation of time-based fields

    These options can be set in the project preferences. Click Project > Preferences > Message.

  7. Click OK. The completed message is displayed.