Setting up the target platform

Set up the target platform to HCL OneTest™ API installation folder to enable setting up the dependency, extend, and implement the Function class.

About this task

Follow the steps to set the target platform in Eclipse:


  1. Go to Window > Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform.
  2. Select the active Target Platform and click Edit.

    Selecting a target platform

    The Edit Target Definition window opens.

    Editing a target definition

  3. Click Add, select Directory, and then click Next.

    Selecting a directory

  4. Click Browse and select the HCL OneTest API plug-ins folder. For example, C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLProducts\HCLIMShared\plugins.

    Browse the directory

  5. Select the Content tab and select File Path for the Group by method.

    Selecting to group the plug-ins by file path.

  6. Select the HCL OneTest API specific plug-ins from the list for HCLIMShared plug-ins. List of HCL OneTest API plug-ins:
    • com.ghc.*
    • com.greenhat.*

    Selecting the plug-ins

  7. Click Finish to close the Target Content window.
  8. Click OK to close the Preferences window.