Pausing test cycles

You can pause the project’s currently associated test cycle at any time, temporarily disabling the test cycle functionality (that is, any tests that are executed while paused are not stored with the test cycle).


  1. Right-click the Test Cycle icon in the status bar and select Pause from the menu, or select Project > Test Cycle > Pause from the main toolbar of HCL OneTest™ API. A check mark is now displayed in the menu and in the Project > Test Cycle menu to indicate that the test cycle is paused.
  2. If the test cycle is paused, you can resume normal functionality by selecting Pause again.
    Note: Pausing status is not saved in the results database. When you pause a test cycle in a project as a particular user, it applies to all the projects that have joined the same test cycle. However, it will not have any effect for the other users in the system.

    For example, User1 creates two projects and joins both of them to a test cycle labeled MYTEST. When you open each of those projects as User2, you will be prompted to join the test cycle MYTEST. The prompt also indicates which user joined the project to the test cycle and the environments to which it applies. As User1, if you pause the test cycle for Project 1 and then open Project 2, the TestCycle status bar indicates the cycle is paused. If you open any project as User2, the test cycle shows as active.