Importing record layouts

If there are fixed width record layouts that are specified in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can import the specification and define rules for parsing it using the Import feature – for new or existing layouts.

About this task

To import a fixed width layout, you need the Excel spreadsheet that defines it and an import profile that is configured in the wizard. The import profile is given a name and configured with a set of rules that are applied to a selected spreadsheet for creating the layout.


  1. To launch the wizard, click Import in the New Record Layout wizard or under the Config tab of an existing layout.
    Note: The results of importing a layout are added to any existing fields and groupings in an existing layout.

    The Import Fixed Width Schema dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the spreadsheet that specifies the layout by clicking Browse next to the Excel File field.
  3. Select an import profile from the dropdown menu in the Profile field.
  4. Click OK to apply the profile to the selected spreadsheet and create the layout.