Filtering data in the events table

You can filter the contents of the event table that is based on existing values in the columns that are displayed in the table, and multiple columns can be filtered at one time.


  1. Right-click the column heading or any field in the wanted column and select Filter from the menu. The Set Filter dialog is displayed.
  2. Select one or both of the filter type options ("Include" or "Exclude") – events must match an "include" filter to be displayed, and events that match an "exclude" filter are hidden.
    Note: All enabled "include" filters must pass for a row to be displayed, but only one "exclude" filter must match for a row to be hidden.
  3. In the text field/combination list of the active option, enter a regular expression to use for filtering the events or click the arrow to select a recent value, then click OK.
  4. To remove a filter, right-click the filtered column heading or any field in the column and select Remove filter option from the menu.