Exporting monitors settings

You can export monitors settings to a Recording Studio history file. By exporting monitors to a Recording Studio history file you can save configured monitors during an HCL OneTest™ API user session and import those monitors into Recording Studio during a subsequent user session.

About this task

The export monitors settings capability is available only in HCL OneTest API 8.6.0 or later.


  1. Open the Recording Studio perspective.
  2. Create one or more monitors.
  3. On the upper half of the Events Monitors window, select one or more monitors.
  4. On the toolbar of the Events Monitors window, click Export monitors (Export monitors).

    The Export Monitors wizard is displayed.

  5. Click Browse. The Save window is displayed.
    1. In the File name field, enter a name a name for the file. The file extension .rsh (Recording Studio history) will be added automatically.
    2. Click Save. The Export to file window is displayed. The specified location and file name are displayed in the Export monitors to field.
    3. Click Finish.