Executing failed tests in a test suite

You can quickly run a new instance of a test suite that includes only the tests that failed in a previous run by using the custom execution dialog. The results of the suite are stored as a new instance and can be viewed as such in the Results Gallery.

About this task

To execute failed tests in a test suite, do the following steps:


  1. Open the custom execution dialog in one of the following ways:
    • Select a test suite and press Ctrl + F5.
    • Right-click a test suite and select Re-run Failures from the menu.
    • Select a test suite, click the small arrow next to the Run icon in the main HCL OneTest™ API toolbar, then select the Rerun Failures option.

      The custom execution dialog is displayed with the previously executed suite instance that is selected under Baseline. Only failed tests are selected for execution if you selected the Rerun Failures... option.

      See Creating a suite from a previous run for more information about creating a suite under the Rebase tab.

  2. Click Run to execute the test suite.
    Note: No other custom execution options are currently supported.