Customizing or scheduling the running of a test suite

You can customize the execution of a selected test suite (for example, run a subset of included tests or run in a different environment) by using the custom execution dialog. The results of the suite are stored as a new instance and can be viewed as such in the Results Gallery.


  1. Open the custom execution dialog in one of the following ways:
    • Select a test suite and press Shift + F5.
    • Right-click a test suite and select Run from the menu.
    • Select a test suite, click the small arrow next to the Run icon in the main HCL OneTest™ API toolbar, then select the Run option.

      The Run selected tests from test_suite window is displayed. If you ran the test suite previously, that instance is displayed in the Baseline field. All of the tests that were previously run are selected for execution.

  2. If available, select a previously run suite instance from the Baseline list. The contents of the selected instance and individual test results are displayed.
  3. Select the tests to run in the new instance by selecting or clearing the check boxes for each test. By using the buttons next to Include tests, you can select all tests in the selected instance (All), only tests that failed in the selected instance (Failures), all tests that were part of the original selected instance (Baseline), or quickly remove all tests from the new instance (None).
  4. Select the environment in which the test suite is to be run from the Environment list.
  5. On the Run page, select one of the following options in the Execution Preference section:
    Run now locally
    No further options are required.
    Run later
    • Select items for the Attributes field. These attributes are used to determine the engine to run the selected tests at the scheduled time or times.
      Note: The attribute added for a scheduled test is displayed in the Details panel for a running agent in the Infrastructure dashboard on HCL Quality Server and is removed from the display when the agent is deleted from HCL Quality Server. You can use the attribute in filters as the attribute is available in the system. The attribute is not removed from the system until a system restart.
    • Provide information in the Schedule section to specify when the selected tests are run.
  6. For more information about creating a suite on the Rebase page, see Creating a suite from a previous run.
  7. On the Slow Fail page, select one of the following options:
    Use the slow-fail setting from the scenario configuration(s)
    Do not override the Allow tests to continue even if a step fails setting from the configuration.
    Force the use of slow-fail
    Selecting this option has the same effect as selecting the Allow tests to continue even if a step fails option from the test configuration.
    Do not use slow-fail
    Selecting this option has the same effect as clearing the Allow tests to continue even if a step fails option from the test configuration.

    For more information about this option, see Scenario name and runtime options.

  8. Click Run to run the test suite.