Creating and editing test cycles

You can create and modify test cycles from the Test Cycle Manager.

Before you begin

Create and configure a project results database. For instructions, see Configuring the project results database.

About this task

Do the following steps to create or edit test cycles:


  1. If not already open, launch the Test Cycle Manager.
  2. To create a test cycle, click New. To edit a test cycle, in the Test Cycles table, select the test cycle to edit and click Edit.

    If you are creating a test cycle, the Add Test Cycle dialog box is displayed. If you are editing a test cycle, Edit Test Cycle dialog box is displayed.

  3. Add or modify a name for the new test cycle in the Name field.
  4. Add or modify any comments to be saved with the test cycle in the Comments field.

    By default, the current project is joined to the new test cycle upon its creation. To change this option and create the test cycle without joining the current project, disable the Join current option at the bottom of the dialog.

  5. When finished, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel to return to the Test Cycle Manager without saving any changes.


More test cycle details (that is, current and previously associated projects and joined users) can be displayed by selecting the test cycle and clicking Details.