Converting existing function classes with Eclipse

If you have an existing function that is written for HCL OneTest™ API version 4, you can use Eclipse to convert the function for use with version 5 or later.

About this task

Note: It is unlikely that functions compiled for v4 work with v5.


  1. Remove the register() method as it is not required anymore.
  2. Change the visibility of the default constructor to be public. No other visibility (for example, protected) is allowed. Otherwise, an exception is generated when you are trying to execute the function.
  3. Remove the super(String, String, int, int) call in the default constructor. This super constructor does not exist anymore, so any calls to it produce an error. This call is replaced by the information that is contained in the extension point definition.
  4. Remove the method getSyntax(). This information is now contained in the extension point definition.
  5. Create an extension point to provide HCL OneTest API with details about your function (see Extension points overview).