Configuring the extension point element

You can configure an extension point element.

About this task

To configure the extension point element, do the following steps:


  1. Complete the following fields in the Extension Element Details as described. In all cases, exclude quotes from the example values:
    Field Value
    name The function's name (for example, "formatDate").
    displayName The name under which the function appears in the Functions menu (for example, "Format Date"). To place the function under a specific submenu, prefix the display name with the name of the submenu and a forward slash (/) character. For example, "Custom/Format Date" would place the function under a "Custom" submenu. Any number of submenus is permitted by using the same naming format.
    syntax The syntax of the function [for example, "formatDate(date, inputFormat [, outputFormat])"].
    functionClass The class that performs the function’s work. This class must be a fully qualified class name that extends from com.ghc.ghTester.expressions.Function. With Eclipse, you can enter the name manually or search for it using the Browse button.
    minParameters The minimum number of parameters to pass to the function (for example, "2").
    maxParameters The maximum number of parameters to pass to the function (for example, "3"). Entering "-1" indicates that there is no maximum and any number of arguments that is greater than or equal to minParameters are accepted.

  2. Save the file when finished.
    Note: Failing to save the file will cause the next steps in the process to fail.