Configuring a directory data source

You can use a directory data source to populate tag values from the contents of complete files or their properties and to read data from the resources in a specified file system directory or a project folder.

About this task

To configure a directory data source, do the following steps:


  1. Click Browse to locate and select the directory to be used as the data source.
  2. Specify whether the source is a file system directory or a project folder.
  3. Select Recurse Subdirectories check box to specify if the contents of subdirectories are used.
  4. Select a character encoding from the Encoding list.
  5. Specify the wildcard patterns to be used to include or exclude files that match the patterns.
  6. Select the sorting option to be applied when the files are processed.
  7. If the number of test iterations can exceed the number of matching files, enable the Loop Data option so that HCL OneTest™ API can process the same files over and over.
  8. Click Refresh to generate a preview of the files and properties that are returned.
  9. Save the data source when finished. See Creating tags from data source fields for details about creating tags by copying column names.