Configuring a database data source

You can use a database source to supply live data to HCL OneTest™ API. A database source relies on a valid database connection in Architecture School.

About this task

Do the following steps to configure a database data source:


  1. Click Browse to select the wanted database server from the project resource dialog.
  2. Select the Table/View option and select a database table/view from dropdown list, or select Query and enter a SQL select statement to pull only specific data.
    Note: The query field supports the use of tags for all or part of the SQL statement. Tags might typically be used to vary your SQL query according to the selected environment (that is, by using an environment tag).
  3. If Auto map new columns to tags at runtime is selected (the default value), then the values in any new columns that are added to the test data set are used as test data. This assumes that a tag exists that exactly matches each new column name and that the column count property is not set.
  4. If the number of test iterations exceed the number of matching records, enable the Loop Data option to force HCL OneTest API to process the same records over and over.
  5. Click Refresh to generate a preview of the data that is returned.
  6. Save the data source when finished, then see Creating tags from data source fields for details about copying column names to create tags from them.