Configuring the function in HCL OneTest API

After the function is developed and a plug-in is generated, you should communicate that to HCL OneTest™ API by configuring the function.

About this task

For details on developing the function and generating the plug-in, see Create the plug-ins in Eclipse and Implementing the function class.

To configure the function for use in HCL OneTest API, do the following steps:


  1. If you did not yet generate the plug-in in the Functions folder of the HCL OneTest API project, then copy it there now (for example, if your project is stored under C:\OneTestAPI\Project1, copy the plug-in JAR or plug-ins folder to C:\OneTestAPI\Project1\Functions).
  2. In HCL OneTest API, click Tools > Functions > Reload Custom Functions to load all functions in the Functions folder and the plug-ins subfolder.
  3. Optionally, click Tools > Functions > View All Functions to verify that your custom function is loaded.

    The Functions dialog displays a list of all the plug-ins that are known to HCL OneTest API, sorted alphabetically by function name.

    Note: If the new function is not listed, review the steps that were carried out to ensure that nothing was missed.

    You can now use the custom function like any other function in HCL OneTest API.