Adding external libraries

You can add external libraries.

About this task

You can express a dependency on an external JAR and use it in your function. The assumption is that you have a plug-in that is defined in Eclipse as explained in Create the plug-ins in Eclipse. To add external libraries, do the following steps:


  1. Copy the external JAR to the root of the plug-in project.
  2. Add the JAR to the plug-in project’s build path.
    1. Right-click the project and select Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries.
    2. Click Add JARs and browse for the JAR you just added under the plug-in project.
    3. Close the Properties dialog.
  3. Open the plug-in’s manifest file for editing and select the Runtime tab.
  4. In the Classpath section, click Add and select the JAR that was copied into the project.
  5. Save the manifest when finished.

    Now you can start by using the JAR’s functionality inside your function.