Adding a host to the Physical view

You can use a host to group other physical resources. Starting from V9.2.1 onwards, binding a File transport to a Host resource is deprecated. Instead a File transport is bound to a File Access resource so you can connect to and consume files from or publish new files to a remote host machine. To add a host to the Physical view of the Architecture School perspective, use the General menu.

Click General > Host to add a host machine to the physical network.

Enter the name of the new host and HCL OneTest™ API automatically tries to resolve the machine’s IP address. If resolution fails, you must add the IP address manually.

Note: If the new host is part of a new subnet, the subnet is added automatically to the Physical view.

Under the Connectivity tab you can configure port and credential information required to connect through SSH (SFTP) to the host. This connection is used by File transports, restricted to SSH (SFTP), and log file monitoring.

The connection credentials are defined by an Identity that has been configured in the current project. To add an Identity to a connection, double-click the Identity field for the connection and select an Identity from the list. The port number for the SSH connection defaults to 22. To change the port number, double-click the Port field and enter the port number to which you want to connect.

You can verify that the connection works by clicking Test Connection.