Adding a file access to the Physical view

You can bind a File transport to a File access resource so you can connect to and consume files from, or publish new files to a host. To add a File access resource to the Physical view of the Architecture School perspective, use the General menu.

Click General > File Access to configure access to a host machine in a physical network.

Configure file access settings in the File Access window.

Table 1. Fields that define a file access
Field Description
Host The host name or IP address of the host machine.
Protocol The protocol used for the connection. You can select between FTP and SFTP. The FTP protocol helps in transferring files between computers over a network. The SFTP protocol also performs the same task but over a secure shell (SSH) network.
Port Override The port to connect to. If no value is set, SFTP connection defaults to 22 and FTP defaults to 21.
Specify Username and Password
  • Username
  • Password
  • The username helps to login and access the files on a host system. For FTP, if username is left blank anonymous is used.
  • The password is used to login and access the files on a host system.

    For FTP, if password is left blank anonymous is used.

Use Identity
Identity It is necessary to use an identity when you need to authenticate to a third party. For example, when you monitor a remote log file over SSH.

You can verify that the connection works by clicking Test Connection.