Adding a database to the Physical view

You can use a database to supply HCL OneTest™ API with live test data during the execution of different test resources (for example, tests and test suites). To add a database to the Physical view of the Architecture School perspective, use the General menu.

Click General > Database to add a database instance with which HCL OneTest API can use.

Table 1. Fields that define a database
Field Description
Driver The type of database to add
Database URL The location of the database. For more information on the specification of database URLs when using IP literal addresses, see IP literal address.

User Name

The ID and password needed to access the database if security is enabled.
Note: Before a database can be accessed by HCL OneTest API (for example, in a test), the binding between a logical database component and a physical database must be established. See Database resources, connections, and bindings.