Configuring the XML message properties for test actions

By using message properties in HCL OneTest™ API, you can configure how message content is treated in test actions (for example, Publish, Subscribe).

To view or modify message properties for an XML message, right-click the root of the message in the requirement or in the body of the message editor.

Use the Field Properties dialog to view or edit the message properties.

Note: Click Preview at any time to view the message as it is applied by using the properties that you modified.

The options available for handling XML are described.

Formatting Select how XML is formatted, either Single-line or Multi-line indented.
Encoding Select the encoding to use, either UTF-8, UTF-16, or ISO-8859-1.
Normalise document If selected, <tag/>. If cleared, <tag></tag>.
Note: The option affects only while viewing the message within HCL OneTest API. The XML is always sent in normalized form.
Send NULL values Enables or disables the sending of XML elements whose text contains only a Tag, the value of which is NULL (not empty string ""). If Send NULL values is enabled, this element would be sent. If Send NULL values is not enabled, this element would not be sent.
Include XML Declaration Enable this option to force the inclusion of the XML declaration at the beginning of the message.
Treat CDATA as Text Enable this option to treat CDATA fields in the XML as text.
Preserve Whitespace If selected, preserve white space in XML. Whitespace in the elements containing no other whitespace are only preserved.
Note: The default values for handling XML can be modified by using the HCL OneTest API preferences, under the XML section.