You can use the Map action to transform XML-based data.

By using the Map action, you can transform XML-based data by using XSL-based style sheets (for example, to transform a document before publishing).

The following table describes the options available for configuring this action:

Option Description
Input Select or create the tag that contains the source XML (to be transformed).
Output Select or create the tag to which the output is to be copied. If the destination tag is the same as the input tag, the value of the input tag is overwritten.
Set Base URI Enable this option to set the base directory for any XSL documents that are referenced in the main transform.
Style sheet location The full path to the XSLT that performs the transformation. Click Select to enter a path or browse to one, or to enter a URL. Click Refresh to refresh the contents of the preview window (if the XSLT was changed outside of the action dialog).

If you add a failure path to the action (see Failure paths), four paths are added: