Populating the suite details for past test runs

If you use a database schema earlier than version 1.9.24.b, detailed reports for tests that were executed against that schema from within a suite are not available in the Results Gallery. If you are now using schema version 1.9.24.b or later, the containing suite details for such tests can be populated in the database.

Use the backfill-results argument with the IntegrationTesterCmd command, located in the root of the HCL OneTest™ API installation (C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLProducts\API, by default). The command has the following syntax:

IntegrationTesterCmd -p project backfill-results

project specifies the full path to the HCL OneTest API project (*.ghp) for which test results are to be updated.

Note: Ensure that the specified project is configured to use the correct database (that is, the one you want to populate with suite details for applicable test runs).

After the command is finished, the total number of rows that were updated in the database will be displayed. Tests that were executed in schemas earlier than 1.9.24.b show their root suite in the Results Gallery, and the detailed reports for those tests are now available.