ISO 20022 schema overview

HCL OneTest™ API supports the ISO 20022 standard, which is the next generation messaging standard for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

You must load the schemas before you can use them. See Loading the ISO 20022 schemas.

In the Architecture School perspective, Schema Library view, click ISO 20022. A list of the 19 business areas into which the ISO 20022 schemas are currently organized is displayed. Expand each business area to display the available schemas. Click a schema to display a sample message.
The Schema Library view, showing a sample Payments Initiation schema from ISO 20022.

When you record ISO 20022 traffic in the Recording Studio, HCL OneTest API recognizes the message type and automatically applies the correct schema.

As with other schemas, you can create a blank message and apply the ISO 20022 schema to it. See Applying schemas and formats to messages.

ISO 20022 is a free and open standard, and new schemas can be added. The schemas that are shown in the Schema Library represent a snapshot of the standard as of 23 October 2014.