Test suites: Overview and tasks

A Test Suite represents a group of tests, test suites, and scenarios. Any combination of these items can be included, but a test suite must always contain at least one scenario and one test. Test suites are used mainly to construct reusable, packaged regression tests that can be run across multiple environments, or repeatedly within the same environment.

A test suite can be added to an existing operation or to an existing test suite folder, either from the menu or the Test Factory toolbar. After you provide a name for it, the test suite is opened in the editing panel to the right of the Test Factory tree.

When a test suite is first created, it is empty except for a scenario. The scenario is a container that controls how the items inside are to be executed.

A test suite can contain one or more tests, test suites, or scenarios, or any combination thereof.

Note: When executed, a test suite’s steps are processed from top to bottom.