Accessing Ant tasks

The Apache Ant tasks package contains Ant tasks for controlling the environment, scenario and stubs in HCL Quality Server. The package is provided with HCL Quality Server.

Download and extract the Apache Ant task package,, from HCL Quality Server. For more information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.

Note: Starting in V9.1.1 the Ant Client file was renamed to from

The environment, scenario and stub Ant tasks are located in the com.ghc.ghTester.ant<Version Number>.jar file that is available in the downloaded AntClient package.

Example usage of the Ant tasks is contained in the following files:
  • create-update-delete-environment.xml
  • lock-unlock-environment.xml
  • publish-stubs.xml
  • start-stop-scenario.xml
  • start-stop-stub.xml